Psychology and Art: A Necessary Partnership For a Better World

Despite the brevity of our lifespans, humans collectively are changing the face, and fate, of the planet’s species. Be it runaway pollution, our contribution to rising global temperatures, or the fervent gobbling of resources to feed our manic hunger for “progress,” we are manipulating the efficient ecological balance that took millions of years to evolve. [...]


Official Press Release

AXIS MUNDI BRINGS THE WORK OF TWENTY-ONE ARTISTS FROM THE USA AND CANADA TO THREE LOCATIONS IN DENVER FROM SEPT. 16 – OCT. 7 AS PART OF DENVER’S BIENNIAL OF THE AMERICAS New Exhibition Will Be Presented in Denver by PlatteForum and The Temple, in Partnership with Denver Film Society, with Special Kick-Off Event and [...]

The Three Branches of The Exhibition

  Environmental Melancholia: A term coined by Psychosocial Researcher, Renee Lertzman, who is the author of Environmental Melancholia: Psychological Dimensions of Engagement. It is an arrested state of mourning related to overlapping events of environmental destruction. Put simply, it happens when “deaths” around the world or locally are not properly mourned. It also happens when time [...]

Axis Mundi = Defined

Axis Mundi is Latin for the point that connects heaven and earth. It is a symbolic, “known” sacred place for many world religions, and inspires the giving and receiving of ideas and knowledge between two worlds. This name was chosen as an umbrella for artists, who are the Axis Mundi. They are the communicators and [...]